Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Visiting Middle School

Recently we took a trip to Middle School to check out their biome presentations. Thank you for hosting us Middle School!

Stepping up our Geometry Game!

Recently we've been learning new Geometry skills. Today the 6th years learned about the area of a circle. It's neat to see concepts that I learned in high school become accessible to our elementary students through the use of the Montessori materials! 

The Halloween Party

As we close this semester out, we acknowledge that we are so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful families who help us throw fun parties like the Halloween party this fall!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Henri Matisse Paper Cutting

Framed Art Print: Framed Greek / Roman Mythology Art by Henri Matisse : 41x29in
    Pictured above: Some of our Upper Elementary friends practice paper cutting in the style of the artist Henri Matisse.   

Finger Knitting

WATCH OUT! We're gettin' crafty! Here in Upper Elementary we are learning to finger knit during recess. This skill builds fine motor skills and it's just plain fun!

Walking Tour of the Ancient World!

Recently in Cultural History, our community broke into small collaborative groups to learn more about ancient civilizations. We learned about ancient Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and India. The students especially liked learning about different inventions these societies introduced into the world. 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Under Construction!!!

Major changes are happening! This blog is soon to become a class newspaper! We are currently working on our high quality articles and posts. We hope you'll like what you'll soon see!