Monday, October 7, 2019

Virtual Tour of Lascaux Cave

In Cultural Studies we have been studying Early Man for this quarter. This past week, we took a virtual tour of the Lascaux Caves in France. Next, we will be moving on to Mesopotamia!   

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Preschool Visits!

Our 5th years created dioramas in U.S. History centered on the lifestyles of Native Americans. Our preschool classes came by to see the 5th years' projects and to hear them explain their research findings. It was wonderful to watch our students sharing information and displaying their leadership skills!

Enjoying the Nice Weather

This week we enjoyed having morning meeting and our Cultural History class in our outdoor classroom. I think we can agree we're all looking forward to chilly fall mornings!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Friday Peace Ceremony

 This Friday we held our Peace Ceremony. Our focus was on the impact different historical figures have had on Peace Education. Our students spoke about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and of course Maria Montessori. 

Monday, September 2, 2019

Hands on: Montessori Materials

This school year we as educators are getting hands on with all of the beautiful Montessori materials on our shelves. Not sure what your student is working on here? -- Drop by after school and get a lesson! Youtube also has some informational videos about how some of our Montessori materials "work."

6th Year American Civil War Timeline

Our 6th years are working on a giant American Civil War timeline. Each student has been assigned two historical figures or events to research. Once our work is done, we will gather together and order all of the work we've done in chronological order. Our timeline should be done and on display next week. Please come visit us to have a gander!

Cultural History: Fundamental Needs of Humans

This week in Cultural History we are creating a class textbook centered on the needs of humans. Topics include shelter, social acceptance, water transportation, nutrition, art and more! In a week or so, drop by to see the final product we've created.