Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Stock Market Game

This game is still in the works. However, the 6th years have been acting as stock brokers while playing a stock market inspired game. Is real-estate the best investment? When to sell? How much risk should one take? This game has been fun to watch unfold and we can't wait to see which team will prevail.

CSI Investigation

In Cultural History we've launched a crime scene investigation into the death of King Tut. Did he take a fall? What will his x-rays reveal? Was his trusted regent up to something? How did his closest military advisor become pharaoh after Tut's death? Hum..... very interesting.....

Move Up Day

Our 6th years have been attending a seminar in our middle school in order to set them up for success next year. These lessons are not only rigorous, but also offer a great bonding experience for our rising 7th years!

Science Fair Progress

Here in Upper El. (and at home) our students have been working hard on their science fair projects. The students' dedication and creativity has been very fun to observe!

Valentine's Day Celebration

Today we took a break from our lessons and celebrated our love for one another. Happy Valentine's Day! 

Making Mummies

In Cultural History we've been learning about ancient Egyptian mummification. Here, students are trying out different salt mixtures to mummify apple slices. Which group will produce a dry, yet delightfully golden-brown apple? 

The Peace Ceremony

This Friday we celebrated Valentine's Day with a Peace Ceremony centered on LOVE! Our students participated in a strings concert, a call-and-response step show, and spoken word poetry. We LOVED it!